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brown bottle of shroom relax
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Shroom Relax Functional Mushroom Drink 6 pack

Functional drinks

Feel the effects of natural ingredients that will help you increase your concentration, find peace, free yourself from stress and start achieving your goals easily (both professional and private).

Shroom Relax is an innovative functional drink that will lower your stress level and provide relaxation and soothing – for your body, mind and soul.

100% natural and vegan product. Contains vitamin C.

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Who is it for?

See if Shroom Relax is right for you.

For people who work mentally

It relieves you from feeling tired and stressed, and additionally calms and soothes you.

For those looking for relief

It allows you to “cut off” external stimuli, recharge your batteries and achieve Zen.

For demanding people

With a simple and natural composition.

For everyone

Who just wants to fully relax.

Discover Shroom Relax

Shroom is the first drink on the market made of carefully selected and selected nutrients, such as mushrooms and adaptogens. In each bottle you will find a solid dose of health and energy that comes straight from mushrooms and plants. Its name is not accidental. Each sip of Shroom Relax is true relief for both body and soul.

We were tired of “ordinary” energy drinks that only give an apparent boost of energy and speed up our hearts for no purpose. That’s why we reached for the kingdom of mushrooms, which, instead of completely worthless sugars and sweeteners, provide our bodies with a dose of truly healthy nutrients.

The secret lies in the mushrooms

In Shroom Relax drinks, you will find:

Hericium erinaceus Lion’s Mane contains bioactive compounds that affect the improvement of cognitive functions (memory, concentration and learning). Additionally, they can support the protection of neurons and contribute to the regeneration of nerve tissue.

L-theanine is an amino acid that occurs naturally in green, black and white tea. L-theanine has many health benefits, including a positive effect on brain and nervous system function.

What else?

In Shroom drinks you will find more healthy ingredients! Learn more about them here.

Advantages of Shroom Relax:

Pleasant and distinctive taste

You want to try it, but you are afraid of the mushroom taste it may have:

  • not to your taste buds’ liking?
  • not meet your taste preferences?
  • not meet your taste buds?

No worries! The skillful combination of all ingredients makes each sip of Shroom a real feast not only for your body, but also for your senses. You will certainly appreciate the perfect balance between sweetness (provided by fruity notes), the slight spiciness of ginger and the unique taste of mushrooms. You can drink it as you like – “solo” or as a mixer – in combination with other ingredients.

Clean and simple composition

It doesn’t get any more natural! In addition to beneficial mushrooms, in each bottle of this functional drink you will find only what is necessary, i.e. vitamin C, zinc, green tea and l-theanine.

We say NO to preservatives, chemicals and unnecessary sugar additions.

Smart and safe action

If you are looking for a way to soothe, reduce stress and simply feel good – Shroom Relax is for you.

The drink combines great taste, health and, above all, the effects you care about the most.

They last for many hours. Just 1 bottle a day!

Choose Shroom Relax for yourself!

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